Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jordans "23"

Jordans are very popular. These shoes is what makes one a person. This is like the God of the God's of shoes. Yes, that's how popular they are in the basketball area. They're very good for running and mainly whatever you need for basketball. The style for Jordans are also good for casual means. Here is one of the reviews for one of their shoes.

Air Jordan XXI

  • The AJ XXI uses a floating ankle lock system mechanically similar to that of the XX and visually similar to the Air Jordan I
  • The midsole is sculpted away to reduce weight, but a fiber-glass impregnated TPU shank stiffens the part
  • The lacing system allows the metatarsals to spread out and gives the player room to comfortably wear the shoe on as well as off the court. This lacing system is supportive accross the top of the instep and utilizes medial and lateral wings in conjunction with the midsole outsole system to create stability during cutting.
  • An external TPU heel counter provides a stable base and shows the "Ace Jack" logo
  • The radial lateral tread pattern is molded of a sticky compound of silicon rubber to enhance cutting
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    1. Wow looks like you know your shoes! These shoes sound very sophisticated I'm guessing they are the best shoes for basketball out there? And if they are amazingly good and everyone wants them what is their value? How much are they?