Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aldos Recap

I just bought my new shoes and they're from Aldos.
They cost about $90 including tax.
in my own opinion it's a pretty durable shoe.
It's also easily washed...
Although their shoes shouldn't be used for running and any sorts of sport activity
it will only cause it to break, it's only meant for casual wear.

A Video i made, i thought it was pretty neat.

new air jordans 1 Retro high orange black white basketball shoes

These are the Undefeated converse collab. As you can see, it's looks unlike all the other.

Jordans "23"

Jordans are very popular. These shoes is what makes one a person. This is like the God of the God's of shoes. Yes, that's how popular they are in the basketball area. They're very good for running and mainly whatever you need for basketball. The style for Jordans are also good for casual means. Here is one of the reviews for one of their shoes.

Air Jordan XXI

  • The AJ XXI uses a floating ankle lock system mechanically similar to that of the XX and visually similar to the Air Jordan I
  • The midsole is sculpted away to reduce weight, but a fiber-glass impregnated TPU shank stiffens the part
  • The lacing system allows the metatarsals to spread out and gives the player room to comfortably wear the shoe on as well as off the court. This lacing system is supportive accross the top of the instep and utilizes medial and lateral wings in conjunction with the midsole outsole system to create stability during cutting.
  • An external TPU heel counter provides a stable base and shows the "Ace Jack" logo
  • The radial lateral tread pattern is molded of a sticky compound of silicon rubber to enhance cutting
  • Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Dollar Store...

    ... really? go earn some money and buy other shoes..
    dollar store shoes are bad !! ...
    like x9000 bad..
    don't do it...!
    get money !



    We all know these kinds of brands are expensive. So you guys must be wondering how much their shoes are going to sell as. Their shoes runs in a very high price but they're very efficient.
    Here is a review from a customer that was satisfied with Lacoste.

    "These shoes are really nice. They\'re like a sturdier version of Chuck Taylors. The shoes are flat at the bottom, so be prepared to hear every step you take. Also, I think they tend to run a little big - I would recommend ordering a 1\/2 size smaller."


    Loui Vuitton Shoes


    Wednesday, May 12, 2010


    All Day I Dream About "Soccer"?

    This is a meaning i found from my research and thought id share it.
    If you're thinking about buying shoes for basketball, then a great choice would be Adidas. According to certain reviews they really work well.

    "Adidas has been a longtime basketball shoe manufacturer and is one of the leading basketball brands in the world. They are most famous for their iconic Superstar and Pro Model shoes, affectionately known as "shelltoes" for their stylized hard rubber toe box. These were made very popular in the 1980s hip hop streetwear scene alongside Adidas' stripe-sided polyester suits.
    Adidas is also the current outfitter of all 30 franchises in the National Basketball Association (replacing the Reebok brand after the merger) and sponsors numerous players past and present like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Tracy McGrady, as well as Dwight Howard, Chauncey Billups, Derrick Rose, Kevin Garnett, Michael Beasley, Josh Smith, Tim Duncan, and Candace Parker."

    In my opinion, i think their designs for basketball shoes are spectacular. Although this doesnt change the fact that Nike's up there.



    I'm not a real fan of Reebok but i still find it okay to wear. It's the type of shoe that would work like another. In my opinion it's just like a lower version of Nike. They come in different varieties. Reeboks can be used for basketball and all sorts of sports. It's what they call an average shoe. It's not Nike but it's Reebok. Here is a review from the media.

    "The men's Reebok Vero FL ML baseball cleat from Reebok features a light simulated leather upper for lightweight, comfort and tiny break-in. The molded rubber outsole gives lightweight, comfort and great traction, while the soft mesh tongue with thick foam padding maintains the top of your foot comfortable and offers breathability."

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    VANS !!11111

    Here we go.. THE best shoes in my mind, VANS. Vans are usually used for skateboarding and what not but since i have no idea how to skateboard, i use them for style. I have about 10 pairs of vans alone so i would really recommend these shoes if you feel like you have the same style as i do. There are different kinds of vans. There are authentic, era, chukka low, half cabs and more. In my opinion, half cab vans are the most amazing shoes ever. Some say they're overused or that everyone has it. It may be true but this is what makes half cabs unique. Since a lot of people uses this type.

    Vans would is the type of shoes i will recommend since it's not that expensive and it looks very casual.

    Brought to you by:


    Seeing as how converse came in second and it's one of my personal favourites, this will be our next topic. What's good about converse is that it's an all around shoe, it's able to do almost anything. It does an amazing job with dance, a few sports and even just casual. It's also been said that some converse were designed to skateboard. These types of converse CAN be used to skateboard without ruining them since they were designed for it. Although most people just use them for casual needs.

    There are also different types of converse shoes. Ther are Chuck Taylor, John Varvatos, Jack Purcell, Converse Red™, and Basketball. The most popular type would be the Chuck Taylor Converse, otherwise known as "chucks". Chucks are the type that can actually handle all sorts of activities hence why it's commonly used.

    Converse is one of my personal favourites since the high cut chucks are just amazing on all the things i do. This would really be a good choice for all sorts of activities.


    Monday, May 10, 2010


    Seeing as how Nike won the polls and according to my research and surveys it's the most popular shoe brand, we'll start with Nike. There are alot of Nike shoes out there so i will only be talking about the most popular ones. If you need any other shoe, you could always request it.

    Going back to the subject... The most popular Nike shoes are Nike Air max-es, Nike Air Forces, and Nike Dunks. These shoes are mostly for basketball or other sports that involves running indoors. These shoes actually look well even if you don't play any sport. yes, just to show off. Now that we know that this shoes is amazing... there's always a catch to all of them. Besides from its really cool looks, these types of shoes cost a lot more than the rest.

    Personally, i like these types of shoes considering i have a whole collection of them. They might be expensive but i gurantee you that they're hard to break without the intentions of breaking it. With the proper care, these shoes can last forever or until your shoe size goes bigger.

    This is it... Nike. One of the Top brands out there. It's not up there for no reason.

    This is PSAdmin,
    just comment for your requests.

    Monday, May 3, 2010


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    Shoes comes with different brands and styles. From formal to running, and even dancing.

    although shoes are mainly for walking and you're probably thinking that it's not really improtant i just need a shoes to wear... You're Wrong !

    They're very important since they're the only things you use to walk. Yes, those things are important no matter how low they are.

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