Monday, May 10, 2010


Seeing as how Nike won the polls and according to my research and surveys it's the most popular shoe brand, we'll start with Nike. There are alot of Nike shoes out there so i will only be talking about the most popular ones. If you need any other shoe, you could always request it.

Going back to the subject... The most popular Nike shoes are Nike Air max-es, Nike Air Forces, and Nike Dunks. These shoes are mostly for basketball or other sports that involves running indoors. These shoes actually look well even if you don't play any sport. yes, just to show off. Now that we know that this shoes is amazing... there's always a catch to all of them. Besides from its really cool looks, these types of shoes cost a lot more than the rest.

Personally, i like these types of shoes considering i have a whole collection of them. They might be expensive but i gurantee you that they're hard to break without the intentions of breaking it. With the proper care, these shoes can last forever or until your shoe size goes bigger.

This is it... Nike. One of the Top brands out there. It's not up there for no reason.

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