Monday, May 3, 2010


This is a very historical moment for the best shoe advising blogpsot has been created. At this very moment, you can safely throw those non-assisting magazine that just offers you things and lies about helping you. This site will be helping you within all those spots gurranteed with your time back. If by a slight chance that we don't satisfy your needs, then you could just simple post and tell us what you need to know.

Shoes comes with different brands and styles. From formal to running, and even dancing.

although shoes are mainly for walking and you're probably thinking that it's not really improtant i just need a shoes to wear... You're Wrong !

They're very important since they're the only things you use to walk. Yes, those things are important no matter how low they are.

This is PSAdmin, i hope you stick around.



  1. Dear "Project Shoes",
    We, from "Got Chur Logo" believe that what you are stating in your blog is very correct. Especially when you state that the magazines lie to us about the things we need help with. One question that we have for you is, what are dollar store shoes ? Thats a brand that we believe should not be in your amazing list of shoe votings. We also believe that you are very accurate when you say that you don't just need shoes to wear, but simply because they are the only equipment you can use to walk without hurting your feet. We believe that this is a great way to let people know how shoes are very indescribably important in their lives. Therefore, next comes style so we hope that you come by "Got Chur Logo" soon and leave us your comment and feelings about our blog.
    "Got Chur Logo"

  2. Hello Revin from "ProjectShoes." I am angry that you have stolen our blogname. Also, you have taken our name, ours is PGadmin and yours is PSadmin. However, it is nice to see another shoe blog. I like the shoes on top especially, which are.....I think Vans. If you really are going to post about shoes, why is there only one post, and that's describing what you're going to do. Why would I throw away shoes based subject magazines for your blog? Oh well, good luck on your blog-Nikki and Daniel