Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Seeing as how converse came in second and it's one of my personal favourites, this will be our next topic. What's good about converse is that it's an all around shoe, it's able to do almost anything. It does an amazing job with dance, a few sports and even just casual. It's also been said that some converse were designed to skateboard. These types of converse CAN be used to skateboard without ruining them since they were designed for it. Although most people just use them for casual needs.

There are also different types of converse shoes. Ther are Chuck Taylor, John Varvatos, Jack Purcell, Converse Red™, and Basketball. The most popular type would be the Chuck Taylor Converse, otherwise known as "chucks". Chucks are the type that can actually handle all sorts of activities hence why it's commonly used.

Converse is one of my personal favourites since the high cut chucks are just amazing on all the things i do. This would really be a good choice for all sorts of activities.


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